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Combat Servers

We aim to provide high-quality and optimized combat-related servers so that you can practice with your friends, warm-up, or partake in tournaments both for in-game cash, items, or real money. Our 1v1 Combat server is one of a kind and nothing comes close to it!

Hotkeys / Commands

K Guns/Teleport │ M Change Fit/Clothes │ Q Respawn │ E Revive │ /h Health │ /a Armor │ /calladmin reason = Calls Admin!


Server Connect:
Location: United States
Server Status: Online
Reboots: Every 6 hours

iSe.GG FiveM Store

Chat Emojis
Combat Rules
Enforcement Policy

Server Status

Ban Appeals

All bans are logged in incident reports by admins. If you feel you were wrongly banned, or even rightly banned but would like to try and get a shorter ban duration or look into other options for being unbanned, please make a support ticket via Discord. If you have been banned from Discord, please contact the Combat Manager or iSe.GG Operations for assistance.

Please note, all ban appeals are decided by iSe.GG Management. Depending on the offense for which you were banned, you may be able to donate to the server to receive a shorter ban or to be unbanned. This is decided strictly on a case by case basis. Inquire via support ticket on our Discord server!

Combat Admins

For the most up-to-date listing, please look for the Admins, Lead Moderators, Moderators, and Trial Moderators role on Discord for a full list of online admins. Please remember that our admins cannot assist you through direct message, so you must create a support ticket under the channel #🎓support on discord for assistance.

Looking to become an Admin for iSe.GG?
Check out the Apply page for more details about the steps necessary for applying to this position, and many others!

Skyzones & Arenas

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