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Staff Code of Conduct

iSe.GG maintains a high level of professionalism when it comes to our presence in the gaming industry. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that we release a fair and balanced code of conduct for all staff regardless of rank to follow. There may be additional requirements specific to positions within the organization, which will be linked on this page if applicable. As such, this document is always evolving on an as-needed basis to ensure we maintain the professionalism that we’re known for across the industry.


Becoming part of the iSe.GG staff team can be a highly rewarding experience.

  • Training: Receive knowledge and experience dealing with complex situations that can and will most definitely enhance your real life in terms of resume experience.
  • Twitch: Auto announcements when you go live in the #self-promotions area on Discord.
  • YouTube: Auto announcements when you upload a video to your Youtube channel.
  • Discord: Advanced permissions and features unlocked on Discord. (Similar to Patreon).

Main Expectations

  • Regardless of where you are, always remain in good character, and follow all rules there. Whether you’re on our servers or not, we’re a large enough organization where people know who our admins are and we’ve seen it before, where someone submits a clip of one of our staff doing something unfavorable which can lead to termination from iSe.GG Staff.
  • All staff regardless of position will unmute the iSe.GG Discord. Our bot can detect this, and we have analytical data of who and how many have us muted and unmuted.
  • All staff regardless of position will not assist users via direct message. Support must be handled through our ticket system on Discord or through our Contact form on the website. Likewise, you should not accept or download files transmitted to you from users if you aren’t sure what the file is.
  • All staff regardless of position will maintain an acceptable username and status on Discord. You don’t have to brand us in say, your status, but we expect that you will keep your status positive, and free of any advertisements to other servers.
  • Make an attempt to attend all scheduled staff meetings. If you cannot attend, you must provide at least four hours’ notice prior to the start time of the meeting.
  • All staff regardless of position will remain active on our Discord server. We have a leveling system based on activity within Discord and all staff is required to reach level 15 within thirty days of becoming a staff member.
  • All staff regardless of position will inform either a lead admin or manager of their department should they be going inactive for any amount of time. This includes vacations, personal leave, and any other forms of inactivity.
  • All staff must submit an incident report immediately following any kicks or bans of users. This is mandatory and failure to do so can result in the suspension of your privileges.
  • Everything discussed or shown in areas that are regarded as staff-only areas are not to be discussed with nonstaff or outside of staff regarded areas. Failure to comply with this guideline if caught will immediately be removed from the staff team and barred from ever becoming staff again.
  • Staff members should appear visible on the Discord members list at all times. It’s okay if you’re away or do not disturb, but under no circumstances should you be shown as offline. Not only does this make you inactive in the eyes of the bots, but we also see you as inactive if you aren’t online.

FiveM Expectations

  • While we understand that you play other servers most likely, we do need you to be around in our server too. Not only do we require our admins to be active, but you also just by being in the server deter poor behavior.
  • For Combat Admins, you don’t have to play all of the servers, but you do have permissions in all of the Combat style servers. Should a ticket come through and nobody else is available, you are expected to assist on any server you have permissions on if you respond to the ticket.
  • Admins should devote an hour or two a day to be around handling admin-related functions or around ten to fifteen hours a week. Inactive admins will receive one warning before being terminated from that position. Admins that are removed cannot become an admin or apply for any staff positions for at least thirty days.

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