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Premium Membership

Thanks for dropping by to learn about our Premium perks. Everything has officially been moved to this page instead of a Discord channel so that we could properly organize all of the information easily.

On the left side, you’ll see the benefits you will receive by boosting our discord server, and on the right side, will be the available method we have for financial contributions to the community. We appreciate any and all donations, and all donations are put towards the community and its vast operating costs, not only for development, but also monthly server costs, licenses, and all other costs of operation.

Should you have any questions regarding anything on this page, feel free to reach out to us via discord using the #support-tickets channel and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! You may also use this method for any suggestions or feedback regarding our premium program.

Discord Server Boosting

Server boosting is a great way to show your support while helping the entire community with cool perks and exposure! As the server advances, we are able to do more things with the server which directly benefits what our users can do, whether it’s having better audio quality in channels, more stream capabilities, more emojis that you can use, and much more!

You can boost by either becoming a Nitro member (monthly or annual subscription to Discord) or purchase individual boosts, which if we’re being honest, isn’t the absolute best value. Becoming a Nitro Discord member gives you two boosts each month with your subscription.

Are you a loyal member? Great, when you drop is even a single boost, it starts tracking when you do and you get a nifty icon on your name that as the longer you’re boosting, the better the icon.

As you can see, the longer you’re a server booster the better the icon. If you hover over the icon in the server list, you can actually see when an individual began boosting the server. We also are constantly adding new and exciting benefits to the booster program, and some will only be activated after a certain duration of being a booster that we have planned.

As a thank you for becoming a booster, we’d like to provide you with some unique amenities, and perks that set us apart from most other organizations.

  • Twitch/Youtube auto announcements on Discord.
  • In-game Recognition (Booster | Name) on most FiveM servers.
  • Ability to use chat colors on our FiveM servers.
  • Tons of extra emojis across our Discord and the ability to use external emojis too!
  • Boost Icon which is talked about above. Pretty cool huh?
  • You can request a channel/role for yourself or your group on our Discord!

We’re constantly adding new benefits, and the great thing is regardless of when we add it, all boosters receive the benefits immediately upon benefit activation, except for when a benefit requires you to be a booster for a certain duration.

Patreon (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon!

Donorbox (Coming Soon)

Now, you may contribute either as a one-time contribution, or a monthly contribution, and you may use many more methods than previously allowed through Patreon. We have created two separate campaigns based on feedback provided by the community during the community voice surveys.

iSe.GG Donations (Anonymous)

You may use this method if you’d like to offer a one time or recurring donation anonymously. Essentially, it’s almost the same process, but on step two, you’ll want to hit the checkbox next to anonymous, and that will hide your identity from the donation itself. Please be aware this method does not offer any appreciation gifts, as it’s geared specifically for those that wish to donate anonymously.

iSe.GG FiveM Donations (Not Anonymous)

This method offers the ability to donate, and in exchange, we offer gifts of appreciation for your contribution. You may do a one time or a monthly donation on this particular link. These are not anonymous and you must provide your Discord username so that we can get you set up with any applicable gifts depending on the particular amount. Turnaround time for any gifts are within 24-72 hours depending on volume and the actual gift in question, and some gifts, such as the houses for the group tiers are based on availability.

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