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Secured.GG Server Hosting

Tired of spending a bunch of money on your game server, or dedicated server, only for it to be slow and unreliable? Use our link and go check out the deals with Secured.GG!

Their hosting is extremely impressive at incredibly reasonable prices. They are our provider for all of our servers that keep our community running in tip-top shape!

Visit them using this link and see the amazing deals! (FiveM & RedM) Including FiveM & RedM

Sick of the same ol’ situation when it comes to GTA: Online? Ever heard of FiveM before? If not, go check it out! has developed the platforms and tools necessary to enjoy an enhanced experience playing GTA. We have chosen them over the competition due to the advanced infrastructure, endless possibilities with the framework/coding, and unmatched community!

Recently they’ve started developing RedM which is their version of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online… And yup, you guessed it, we’re actively developing over there too! Download and check it out!

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