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Hope everyone had an enjoyable Monday… We’ve been hard at work today getting a bunch of great things accomplished. Let’s jump right into that!


First… Congrats to Sleezy and Not Valid for their promotion to Roleplay Management!

FiveM Roleplay

We have officially started the finishing touches on the FiveM Roleplay Gang style server. We’re aiming for official release by October 29th, but may end up a bit earlier as we’re making amazing progress on it, thus far. If you’d like to help out with ideas, testing, and so on, feel free to reach out via support ticket on Discord. Up until now, it’s been only accessible by Boosters, Staff, and Devs, but as we near the completion of the server, we’re going to start allowing more in. By 10/29 it will be released under a beta style release and will remain that way until somewhere in the middle of November. Don’t worry though, I promise you, this is miles ahead of any alpha or beta server you’ve probably been part of for FiveM as it is extremely polished.

During the beta timeframe, there will be unique ways to earn in-game cash, prizes such as cars, and even world-first achievements that once achieved, nobody will ever be able to achieve.

FiveM Combat

While we’ve been working on the FiveM Roleplay project, we’ve also been working hard on the FiveM Combat overhaul. You thought you liked the performance before? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The new prototype we’re currently working on has a +25 FPS boost on average, -10 ms latency reduction on average and load times are insanely fast. Registry also has been vastly improved through significant alterations with the core framework using the latest and greatest enhancements. Benchmarks suggest we will take a major lead as the best performance combat server FiveM currently has. As such, we will be downsizing the amount of clothing as some of our software has identified a few pieces creating major FPS irregularities with a majority of players.

I’m hoping to have the FiveM Combat 3.0 released by Thursday of this week, aka 10/22 for you all to enjoy for the upcoming weekend.

Donations & Premium

We now have rolled out the official iSe.GG Donorbox donation campaign. We have one specific to the FiveM side, which can be found by visiting here:

We will be releasing another campaign as we’ve received some feedback that a few individuals would like a way to anonymously donate to the organization. That will be located here:

Updates will be arriving at the premium page here very soon, as that’s my next stop once I complete this post!


Thank you all for reading. I’ll get more updates to you on the FiveM Combat 3.0, Roleplay Whitelist/Server, and anything else important later in the week, perhaps. Until then, be safe and have a good week!

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  1. Stubbers 7 months ago

    Awesome 😀 good work Chris and the team 🙂

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