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Greetings All,

We have decided to bring tournaments back by popular demand, with many new changes to both the structure and format of them. I will try to organize the details as best as possible, as there’s a lot of details and tons of different contexts.

  • Tournament hosts and admins may not always be a current staff of iSe.GG, but they will be approved by iSe.GG management.
  • Based on demand, there may be multiple tournament servers and once we expand into our European market, locations in both NA and EU. (Frankfurt if anyone is wondering, also, spoiler alert)
  • There will be three categories of tournaments. Public, Server Booster & Patron, and Patron. We may consider pay to enter tournaments in the future, as well.
  • Many cash tournaments will be Server Booster and Patron exclusive tournaments, but don’t worry, as we will also be offering cash tournaments to Public too, just not as many as before.
  • Tournament winnings will vary drastically depending on the host. Some examples: Cash, Patron, Nitro, Peds, In-Game Cash (Roleplay servers), and exclusive titles/roles.

Today we will be launching a Tournament specific page on the website detailing everything. There will also be a form for those interested in becoming a host. Hosts do not have to be a staff member of our organization or an admin of our community, but preference will be given to staff/admins over others. Alternatively, Server Boosters and Patrons will receive priority over regular users that apply. As such, the Tournament server will be coming online and there is a strong possibility of a tournament either today or tomorrow.

I look forward to sharing more information with you in the next few hours. Major changes have been made toward things such as no show penalties, eligibility, prize structures, and frequency of tournaments.

All tournaments will require you to be registered on the website and our development team is working to develop brackets located on our website exclusively, as well.


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