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About 8:00 PM EST we became aware that there was an outage with Patron. We didn’t think this would be a significant problem, but then FiveM naturally started having problems connecting with Patron. As such, Patron-exclusive benefits that we rely on are not working just like hundreds of other servers.

Below is a list of things that aren’t working as a result of the downtime.

  • Slots had to be reduced back to 32.
  • Because of this change, our queue mechanisms are all kinds of crazy.
  • Clothing isn’t streaming, nor is any custom content.
  • Likewise, FiveM is having significant connection problems as tons of servers are trying to reconnect.
  • Server titles don’t show the usual colors, so don’t be alarmed.

Currently, there is no ETA on the restoration of the above. I have temporarily set the 1v1 Combat Los Santos back down to 32 slots, then managed to get the 1v1 Combat Liberty City online so that if you want to 1v1 you can go there as the Los Santos server is beyond maxed.

Connect Info

1v1 Los Santos:

1v1 Liberty City:

Both are on FiveM. Liberty City is the map from GTA 4 with teleport zones available.

Keep a close eye on Discord for updates as we work through this. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time.


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