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So we heard you with the votes. You want a Redzone. All the additional feedback, you mentioned you wanted something unique.

I present you with something unique and amazing. Details below…

This is an example of the entrance (main road) leading into the Opium area. Now we were very particular in how we handled props and such, to ensure that performance isn’t an issue. While we looked at performance, we heard overwhelming feedback from you about not messing with the building at all, so we left that one completely intact. We have put in a handful of spawn zones in this area and we will be putting in place a ton of new props, areas to battle, and other cool things.

We’re still undecided about vehicles. We have put in place a vehicle spawn location (near grove for Opium Redzone) but we haven’t enabled vehicles. It isn’t too late to respond to the poll on Discord if you want vehicles.

Future plans? We’re going to keep quiet on what we have planned other than the following details.

  • Opium is one of several Redzone combat zones that is planned.
  • Vehicles aren’t completely off the table, but they aren’t enabled right now.
  • We are looking into the performance impact of upping the slots to 64 (or even higher) to allow more players to enjoy these zones.
  • We are on the brink of potentially opening a European server (Frankfurt, Germany) which will be anĀ exact duplicate of our North American server.

View from the other angle showing the building you all love intact and unchanged, minus the crashed chopper.


We hope that you’re excited and we look forward to seeing some amazing feedback on this. The feedback we especially want to see is whether we should enable vehicles or not. Keep in mind, if we enable vehicles, that will offer the flexibility for you and your friends to drive to private destinations around the map for combat encounters as well!


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