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Sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. After our departure from the FiveM community, there hasn’t been a need to really push through as many updates as before.┬áNow that we’ve had some time to plan, coordinate, and look over goals and objectives, I’m here to report the next steps in the planning phases. Some of these details will include a potential return into the FiveM community.

FiveM 2.0

As many of you knew, iSe.GG abruptly left the FiveM community as a result of some unloyal staff that because I wouldn’t cave to favoritism they decided they’d resign. I stand completely firm that I will never bend my actions, especially disciplinary actions over favoritism. Many other organizations do, and that’s perfectly fine for them, but if you agree and are bound to a code of conduct, you’re going to follow it, or there will be consequences.

Recently an individual came forward which begged me to keep them unnamed, stating that they weren’t happy with things in this community and wanted us to return. I’ve heard this plenty of times before, but this time said individual donated a significant amount toward iSe.GG as a whole, with the expectation that we consider re-opening the FiveM community. I’m still debating on how this will work, and frankly, I’m enjoying life without dealing with the FiveM community.

Should we re-enter the community, we will be drastically ramping up enforcement and penalties. Now a lot more things will become permanent bans than before, especially when it comes to racism. Alternatively, staff requirements will be significantly enhanced as well. We are switching to an 18+ staff team with no exceptions. We’ve tried multiple times to allow younger staff and it just simply isn’t working. Access will be strictly whitelist, but I’m mulling over the idea of pay to enter, even if its $1.00, but that should if implemented significantly reduce the number of problems we encounter with the server.

Nothing is set in stone yet, and I’m still debating on whether it’s worth doing or not, as frankly, I have grown to despise the FiveM community for how the majority of the community doesn’t appreciate anything, and can’t behave.

At this time, this only includes the Combat servers. I don’t foresee myself spending too much time developing a Roleplay server that will most likely produce minimal popularity, but we’ll see.

Game Development

Things are going quite well on this side, we’ve been building a development team, while also working with some streamers that would be interested in the future. We still, unfortunately, cannot release many details about the type of game it will be, and we are still probably several months before we release any sort of information, and even longer before we release an alpha level. At this time, I can say that it will be through Unity, it will be a standalone style game, and it will be exclusively on PC, and most likely located on Steam. If you are a game developer, have interests in game development, or knowledgeable with assets, graphics design, video design, or concept design, feel free to reach out to me as we’re compiling a list.


I hope to have the official decision on FiveM 2.0 by the end of the month, and the game development timelines are still very much up in the air while the team adapts to Unity and the challenges that the engine brings.


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