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Greetings All,

First, I just want to say that this month has been amazing. I was recently speaking to Joel (Combat Manager) about how we effectively shut down for two weeks in June, then due to overwhelming support reopened our doors and I gotta say, what a difference that two weeks made.

July was a fantastic month when it comes to the statistics of the actual community.

Let’s look at some statistics for our Discord server for a moment. Char below shows where we went from essentially 1700 to 2500 during the month of July.

Now let’s look at everything that we accomplished during the month of July. Much of this simply was not possible without the assistance and feedback from the community.

  • Re-opened after a two-week shutdown on July 1.
  • Completely overhauled the 1v1 Combat Server (Updated, redeveloped, and reconfigured).
  • Turned around and released 1v1 Combat Liberty City (Very rare and absolutely stunning).
  • Released the first version of our website which transformed our information capabilities.
  • Released a Redzone server that sadly, didn’t really make it so we shut that down.
  • I got annoyed one night and overhauled the entire website transforming it into what you see today.
  • Released the Roleplay server (serious-style dynamic roleplay experience and started development on another top-secret one.
  • Lost some staff due to various reasons, notably inactivity or simply just not taking the role seriously enough which also included losing our combat manager.
  • Brought on three managers ie Stubbers92 (Roleplay), Cal (Combat), and Joel! (Combat) in July.
  • Brought on over a dozen admins across Combat and Roleplay with more qualified admins being added every day.
  • Finally began developing custom arenas as promised since March before things went to chaos with our first release at the end of July aka the Skybattle Arena.
  • Streamlined out entire staff functionality, organization, and efficiency completely transforming how our admins interact with users.
  • Successfully migrated tons of data and information over to the website for better organization instead of Discord.
  • Began critical planning for expansion into other titles and platforms.
  • Multiple reorganization efforts took place throughout the month to improve Discord as a whole for users and admins.
  • Relaunched our Tournament program with anticipated matches starting very soon.

Looking at that massive list, then knowing that there’s plenty of other things that didn’t make the list, its no wonder we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out where July went… and if you think that’s a lot of stuff completed over the course of a month, you ain’t seen nothing yet with what we have planned for the upcoming month. Shall we talk about some of that? I think we shall.

Before I begin this, I do want to make you aware that we have a few projects currently covered under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. What does that mean? For legal and financial reasons I have to keep my mouth shut on a few topics. Don’t worry, things are progressing along nicely with those and we’ll get you some information in the coming weeks on those projects. Let’s talk about some non-NDA related projects though.

  • Seven arena releases planned in addition to a redesign of ‘Paintball’ and some tweaks made to ‘Containers during August.
  • Totally unique FiveM Roleplay project that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen anywhere on FiveM.
    • I have to be careful here. Very careful in fact. This project is unlike anything you’ve seen on FiveM. That I can 100% guarantee you. Everything you know about current Roleplay servers in the 100k or die genre, get ready to unlearn it, and also get ready to increase your skills as your about to discover yourself in some pretty unique scenarios, challenges, and situations. You will more than likely be quitting your current servers and switching over in masses, that’s how amazing it’s shaping up to be. We have a dedicated team of eight developers on the project and I’m also assisting on certain occasions, especially when it comes to mapping design and tweaks. That’s all I can say, but we expect some details will be able to be released around mid-month.
  • Two more Redzone combat zones being added, assigned, and built up. Yes, that’s right, unlike so many other servers, we’re actually putting the work in to create a truly unique experience for you and your friends.
  • Possible expansion during the month of August into our Frankfurt, Germany servers. If this doesn’t happen in August, it will absolutely happen by the end of the year. We’re basing this off population, performance, budget, and demand.
  • Completion of the website as a whole will have a number of massive enhancements included.
    • Development of staff and admin only functions that will drastically enhance the efficiency and accuracy of functions.
    • Full tournament bracket supports so that we aren’t relying on a third party for this.
    • More functionality for streamers of our community with a major focus toward exposure and growth.
    • Advanced metric-based data systems to assist us not only with tracking activity but finding areas that need tuning before they become a problem through analytics and development assessment tools.

As of right now, we’re also talking to four separate companies for sponsorships and partnership opportunities.

Look forward to sharing details of this month as no doubt it’s looking pretty amazing for everyone involved.

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