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So, I’m sure by now you’ve heard a lot of rumors spreading about different perks.

Ban Forgiveness Program

  • We now offer the ability for those that have been banned to potentially have their ban duration shortened or removed entirely by receiving donations for the server operations and development costs. If you’d like to explore options for your ban, please open a Discord support ticket with a screenshot of your ban message, and we can look into options for you. This will be handled on a case by case basis, strictly by iSe.GG Management, and to comply with FiveM TOS, only so many will be allowed per month.

Premium Servers

  • That’s right, we’ve launched our very first Premium Whitelist Combat Server! Right now, Staff, Patrons, Discord Boosters, and Originals can access this server. You will see a slight improvement in performance where possible over our “Standard WL” server and should provide a more stable and behaved atmosphere as its limited access. Staff must remain active staff in order to have unlimited access, just as Patrons and Discord Boosters must remain subscribers and boosters in order to maintain access to these servers. “Originals” however will have permanent access to all Premium Whitelist servers.

Patreon Returns

  • That’s right, we have brought back the Patron program. Sick of a million confusing packages? So are we, so we have a single package reasonably priced at $9.99/mo to help support the operations costs of the servers we provide to the FiveM community, as well as any future development that we’re going to be doing, such as potentially restarting the FiveM Roleplay project. Spoiler, perhaps?
  • Patreon will be charged immediately, and then again at the start of every month unless otherwise canceled by you.

Custom Club/Gang/Group/Clan Clothing & Vehicles

  • Yup, this rumor was also true. We are going to be rolling out custom clothing options for our FiveM servers. In order to take part in this, you will need to provide us a FiveM server ready file or files that we can place on the server. Unlike many other FiveM servers out there, we are guaranteeing items provided to us will be ready and on the server within 72 hours of submission, as long as there are no problems with the files themselves. So no more waiting weeks (or forever in some cases) for gang vests to show up on the server.

Let’s talk more about how this will work

  • Discord Boosters will receive a single piece of clothing, whereas Patrons will be allowed up to three pieces of clothing. Patrons will also have the choice of providing one custom vehicle for the FiveM Combat servers. In the event that we relaunch the Roleplay server, we will release details as to whether those servers will be included in this individual package.
  • Future benefits to both Discord Boosters and Patrons will include Priority when that is re-enabled on the server.
  • At this time, we have no plans to release a “Forever” style plan for Patron, nor any additional packages other than the single package. In the event we relaunch the Roleplay server, this is likely to change.

Streamer Packages

  • We’ll be rolling out Streamer packages that include some of the above benefits free of charge based on a number of requirements. Partnered streamers will receive higher priority in our selection process, followed by Affiliates. At this time this program will not be offered to non Affiliates, and right now, will not be eligible for Youtube streamers, yet. More details will be released on this very soon.


So this is all great, but what do I do now with the above information? See below.

Ban Forgiveness Program: Open up a ticket from #support-tickets on Discord to initiate a ban appeal/dispute.

Patreon: You may join our Patron by going here:

Custom Clothing/Vehicles: Once you become a Discord Server Booster or Patron, please launch a priority support ticket in #priority-support under the First-Class Lounge.

Streamer Packages: Bookmark and stay tuned to the following page for future updates.

Premium Packages/Information: This all will be listed here in the next few hours:


Any questions please feel free to use the comments below, or launch a support ticket on Discord!


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