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Tonight I have decided to shut down the Patreon program indefinitely. I will be conducting a financial audit later today, and make necessary cuts to get us to a more reasonable monthly budget.

Why are we doing this?

  1. Nobody has shown an interest in contributing financially at all, thus there’s no reason to maintain a service such as Patreon.
  2. Technically speaking, having a Patreon is against the FiveM Platform Service Agreement. Servers that have a Patreon program are technically putting themselves at risk of being shut down by FiveM. You can see that below.

You may read more about the FiveM Platform Service Agreement which is also considered their Terms of Service. Seeing as I know a lot of our users pay some servers $50 – $200 a month in Patreon, you may want to consider whether or not you want to continue contributing to those servers, especially if they aren’t transparent with their actual expenses, as I guarantee you that you’re being taken advantage of financially. This is especially true seeing as some of you constantly express delays in getting items your supposed to receive or not getting them at all. That is however up to you if you want to keep getting taken advantage of while those server owners laugh their way to the bank.

Do you have any plans on bringing back Patreon or something similar?

  • No. Not at this time.

Will there be changes to content releases on servers?

  • Most likely, but we aren’t sure yet.

Information across Discord and the website will be removed to reflect the closure of our Patreon program. Thank you all for the great feedback toward that program, its a shame that it wasn’t of interest to anyone.


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