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I’m going to split things into categories for ease of reading, as this is a massive update drop with mostly accurate timelines. Some things currently in development I cannot discuss, though.


  • The website has gone through significant uplifting and enhancement. I’m still not finished, as I really want to make the front page more attractive, but almost every other page has been updated.
  • Groups Functionality: Have a clan, group, clan, hobby, or interest? Create your group on our website!

Donations & Premium


  • PC: We are officially making plans to expand into more titles. We will be creating groups on the page above for the games of interest, and once they get big enough, they will become dedicated branches within our community.
  • VR: We now have active members in both VRChat and Rec Room. We’re also developing in-game areas on both games for community members to enjoy.
  • Console: Once we get a stable foothold in both PC and VR, we’ll be jumping into Console expansions after the new year. Stay tuned for updates. Want to help us expand? Let us know!

FiveM Combat

  • We’re on the lookout for dedicated and loyal admins that are interested in helping out with the server. Apply here:
  • iSe.GG Combat 3.0 is just about complete, with the new location actually producing some promising performance enhancements. I am happy to report the burden on our South America player base wasn’t as bad as I expected. There’s a couple of bugs yet to iron out, but the functionality is considerably better. We are now the fastest 1v1 Combat server currently online per FiveM Server Analytics & Performance Metrics. Based on the data, the performance of this server has increased by 38% over the original server we were running. Hit registration has improved by 13% and Desync has dropped to an amazingly low 7ms (down from 20ms before) and once we clear up a few bugs, we expect to have a slight improvement on top of what we already have. Meanwhile, latency remains low, whereas fps has skyrocketed for a number of individuals. Congrats everyone!
  • Want custom clothing on the server? Open up a ticket on Discord via #support-ticket and let us know. We can discuss the different ways we can offer clothing on just the Combat, or the Combat and Roleplay once it’s released.

FiveM Roleplay (Gang RP)

  • We are nearly complete with this server. Sleezy and Valid are busy working on rules, testing, tweaking the economy, and plenty more. Expect a video drop this week to show off a lot of the unique things you can do in-game. The development has been put temporarily on hold somewhat, as we want to get the Combat admin team a bit more stable.
  • Given the tremendous enhancements we noticed on the Combat server, we decided to do a complete overhaul on this server before fully releasing it. Given that fact, things were slightly delayed, but we didn’t want to release something that we weren’t proud of to the FiveM community. If we can get the needed admin support for the Combat server, I hope to have the server released and live by the end of the month. I will probably have it open by Wed/Thur of this week for open testing by the community. Right now, Sleezy and Valid are letting select individuals in for private testing. We are committed to not releasing this into a beta state until it’s decently working.
  • We’re on the lookout for dedicated and loyal admins that are interested in helping out with the server. Apply here:

Virtual Reality

  • We’ve officially begun expanding into the VR landscape and looking for more games to support. As we approach more titles/games, we’re going to be looking for additional staff to help with recruitment, marketing, and overall management of these areas. If you have a suggestion on a game we should expand into, please let us know, and we’ll see about deploying some of our vast resources into that area!


  • We will be overhauling Discord from the ground up this week. This will impact everyone differently. During this time, I will be making the Discord tutorial video as well, as things are going to be getting a bit more advanced, but hopefully in a user-friendly way.
  • During this time, some channels are getting removed, restructured, and some channels will be gated based on reactions (ie you won’t see them if you don’t react to certain things) which should enable us to have more on the server, while not making the channel listing a mile long.
  • We will be incorporating more game areas, which also includes channels for VR, but we’ll be keeping that area pretty small, at least for now.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Now that things are beginning to mellow, we’ve been working hard on the business development side. While I have nothing to confirm yet, we have entered into two more discussions with companies for product testing and review. Additionally, we are close to finalizing a partnership with another community that has a strong footing in Virtual Reality, which if all goes well, will be merging with iSe.GG, and will be operating our VR section entirely.
  • Our partnership with IPIntel is still going strong, which is the provider that we run all of the player ips through to detect VPN’s and such. The consistency of the in-game notification has been changed to every twelve hours, instead of every six.


  • The development team, Stubbers, and I will be meeting over the next few weeks to get a solid plan of exactly what we want to get involved in development wise for the next two years.
  • We are already working on VRChat, which is primarily built on Unity, and we’re still working on a standalone Steam project, which unfortunately I cannot discuss further. I’m personally finding a lot of Discord bots rather lacking, so I have begun refreshing on Python, which I intend on starting to work that front to replace some of our bots that are simply missing functionality, or some functionality exists, but it’s just broken.

Any questions at all, drop them in the comments below, contact me directly, or create a ticket via #support-tickets on discord.

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    Chris Lenga 6 months ago

    Here’s the comments section. What are your thoughts on this? Suggestions? Feedback?

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