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Given the amount of information, I’m going to get right down to the content, and I will try my best to organize it into appropriate categories.


  • This week I will be posting a pretty decent size list of core staff opportunities that we need to fill for a wide variety of positions. Many of these opportunities will have to do with either other game expansions that we’re currently planning, but also game development related positions along with support related roles to assist on the game development side. This will also include two positions having to do with Discord development, revolving around bots and automation. I expect this to be posted by 10/15 at the latest.
  • Patreon will be re-released as a means to assist with helping support the organization financially. In addition to Patreon, we will be releasing another option that is better suited for one time donations for various things. I expect this to be released by 10/16 at the latest.
  • Discord Server Booster is now live with benefits. Find out more here: Premium
  • The website is slowly being updated, tweaked, and by the end of next weekend (10/18) it will be overhauled.
  • Community Voice: This will be making a return for October and released in a few days. This essentially is a survey that we use to properly determine if we’re doing what we can for the community in all capacities. Translation: This is your opportunity to have your voice heard by the staff team, and help provide direction for the organization. More to come on this around 10/15.
  • Discord overhaul has been complete, and we have considerably cut down the number of channels we have, as well as greatly simplified the layout. Thank you all for the great feedback regarding this!


  • Interviews are currently being conducted for Combat Admins & Management. All admins will be starting out under a ‘Trial Admin’ status.  If you want to be an admin, drop an application by going here: Apply
    • Note: If you put no effort into your application, I will instantly reject the application.
  • Ban Forgiveness: We have re-implemented a way for those that have been banned, to potentially get unbanned. This is a case by case basis. If you have access to the Discord server, you may create a support ticket, if not, contact Chris directly on Discord @ Chris Lenga#3380 — If you cannot do that, you may use our contact form by going here: Contact
  • TOS Enforcement: Please review the Terms of Service regarding these changes. We have made several items now a minimum of a one month ban upwards of a permanent ban. These rules are in effect immediately! If we don’t find you doing it when you’re doing it, these ban durations are also the durations we will use for offline bans after the fact upon clip submissions. We are done messing around when it comes to certain conduct. This is your warning.
  • Combat Server Overhaul: While the server was down, a number of things actually changed not only with the software, but I have access to additional performance-enhancing tools for these style servers. I am in the process now of conducting a complete overhaul on the server which will be cutting edge and unlike any other server out there, period. No other servers utilize our framework, so the performance will be unmatched. I’m setting a pretty flexible completion date, which currently is 11/1, however, I expect it to be completed a lot earlier than that. The earliest this new server will be finished will be 10/22.
  • Roleplay Development: I am still deciding whether or not I want to restart the development of the Roleplay server. At this point, this project is on hold. I will create a poll in the coming weeks (probably after 11/1) to get feedback on whether we should restart that project, or not.
  • Custom Arenas: We will be working on new, and innovative arena designs that are both unique, but also challenging and interesting for players to enjoy. These will be released as they are completed. If you have ideas for potential designs, let us know!


  • After careful consideration of where that server framework currently sits, we are holding off on any future development at this time. Perhaps we may revisit this project after the new year.


  • Given the nature of our mission, we will begin supporting VRChat starting in November. By the end of the year, we hope to have custom avatars created, a custom world for members of our community to enjoy, and will be building content for that platform. The great thing about this expansion is that you don’t have to have a VR headset, in order to participate in VRChat.
  • There won’t necessarily be any admin opportunities for this game, but there will be vacancies listed for development, specifically Unity development, for this particular expansion.

Content Creators

  • We are developing a program, that will help give exposure to content creators on both Twitch and Youtube. We expect this program to launch on or around 11/1 with a focus on helping build streamers audience as well as exposure. We will be partnering with existing content creators that know the ins and outs when it comes to streaming, as well as building resources for content creators to reference for additional content. This content portal will be part of our main website but isolated in its own section so that everything remains organized.

I know this was a lot of information, and in about two weeks I’m going to have another giant post to drop. Any questions feel free to reach out to me directly, or via support ticket.



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