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This post is going to discuss everything having to do with the fate of the organization, and community. Several major changes are being implemented this evening that will affect the entire community. Read more below.

FiveM Combat

  • Seeing as the queue system has been having issues, we’re temporarily disabling this feature until further notice.
  • We will be moving ahead with opening up an exclusive server for Discord Server Boosters only.
    • Once opened, you will only have access to this server as long as you maintain your server boost. We may open this up in the future to financial contribution, and the Discord activity leveling system in place, but at the start, strictly server boosters.
  • Implementation of spam prevention for the player reporting and call admin feature should be functioning now. Those that send in excess of three call admins or reports within 30 seconds will be kicked from the server automatically. You’ve been warned, now its time to put an end to the 10+ calls for admin within 5-10 seconds.


  • Harsher penalties for those that violate the TOS on Discord are in-place. This will be infraction based and can lead up to temp bans from Discord, which also means you lose access to our game servers that enforce Discord whitelisting.
  • More channels will become available on Discord, and there will be some tweaks toward permissions across the server.
  • Additional perks are being implemented on Discord to reward staff for being staff, and remaining staff.
  • Due to constant abuse with the ticketing system, we may be locking the support system down and replacing it with a website ticket system. More to come on this in the future.


  • Financial donations will be returning, but the amount is still being decided as well as the vendor of who we’re going through. There will only be two packages for this.
  • Development teams have finally been fully reassigned to a new (and classified) project that is covered under two separate non-disclosure agreements. The only thing I can say at this point, it does not have to do with FiveM or GTA5. Everything else is covered under the agreements.
  • Stream teams are being built for various games and we’re currently filling positions for this. If you’re a streamer, feel free to reach out and we can add you to the list to be notified when we release details on this in the next week or two.
  • The financial audit has been complete and I’m happy to report we will be saving several hundred dollars per month. As such, many of our services and assets have been drastically scaled back. We will continue to monitor this, but it shouldn’t be noticeable. These changes have been applied for about a week and a half now, and everything looks decent. We decided to delay releasing that information to prevent trolling on this subject.
  • Effective immediately, we are no longer allowing staff or admins to hold any positions in any other servers on FiveM. After a lead admin ghosted us for another server with no notice recently, we decided its time to make this a non-exception. As such, we have also raised the minimum age for all positions to at least sixteen years old, with lead roles at seventeen and core staff at least eighteen years old. Anyone currently in the positions now that doesn’t fit this age requirement will be grandfathered in and can maintain their position as long as they meet the requirements to maintain said position.
  • Our business development team is still working hard on a number of partnerships and sponsorships that we hope to confirm soon. Unfortunately, those contracts are still being negotiated, so I cannot really say much more about this matter.

Many of these changes will be live here in mere minutes, others will be complete by the end of the weekend, with the exception of the opening of the server booster only server, which may not be opened up until the middle of next week.

7 Days to Die will be making an unofficial return to the community now that A19 Stable has been released. We will be returning back to the Darkness Falls mod that has also been completed for the game but using a completely custom-tailored map.

The website will be updated soon to reflect the relevant changes above tonight, along with the implementation of the streamers page and access-restricted streamer portal.

Tournaments will return once we start getting enough server boosters and financial contributors through the soon to be released programs, whether we go back to Patreon or use something else. We may release a tournament in a pay to enter fashion prior to the return of the regularly scheduled tournaments, however.

Thank you all for reading. Please continue submitting feedback and suggestions so we can continue improving the community for all.


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