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Between now and Sunday, there will be a number of transformations taking place. We appreciate your patience while we essentially transform the organization and community together.

Let’s talk about what’s happening.

  • The organization… or community? How about both? We’re officially dropping the title of ‘Org’ and switching over to a full-blown gaming community.
  • Discord is going to get a bit of a tuneup in terms of the layout so its easier to find things.
  • Another massive update is coming to the website which will put us more in line with a community, vs an organization.
  • The development team is building for three separate top-secret development projects. Applications for this will be rolling out by the weekend.
  • Partnerships are being forged between other communities, servers, and organizations.
  • Presence on other games is starting to take shape. Games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, Star Wars The Old Republic along with many other titles.
  • Groups are now allowed to be created by anyone.
  • Staff teams are going to start getting filled up rapidly with qualified and active staff. Likewise, we are implementing admin evaluations and admin of the month starting in August.
  • Tournaments are going to be in full swing soon. We are developing all of the plans now in the midst of all the chaos currently happening.

That’s just a sample of what’s to come. More detail will be provided as we roll things out. Now is the time if you’ve been debating on joining our admin team, or if you’ve wished that we’d implement a certain feature, program or something else. Suggestions and feedback should be directed over to our forums.

One thing about Combat Admins, we’ve rolled out the brand new application system for that. There’s currently a backlog of about three weeks of applications that I’ll be clearing through tonight. We’ve also found that the old application submission wasn’t submitting properly and thus some applications were not received. If you submitted an amazing application and didn’t hear back, consider resubmitting your application on the new system!


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