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Last month when we brought up this idea, we received a lot of negative feedback from the community. Many expressed frustration with the fact they’ve provided feedback to other organizations and servers and it was ignored and simply a waste of time. I assure you that here at iSe.GG all feedback is reviewed by both iSe.GG Management and Operations. We value all feedback from our community as it helps us ensure we’re heading in the right direction with our objectives, goals, and overall agenda.

Give us a chance and drop us some feedback each month to let us know how we’re doing. Every month, we may introduce new questions based on feedback from previous feedback. Depending on the amount of feedback, I may even give a free month of Premium access to the top five responses.

You may find the September community voice here:

Seeing as this was meant to be advertised before September, we’ll keep this one open up until September 16, 2020, and then the link will be made private until the October Community Voice. We will be doing this monthly and the questions may change from month to month depending on what we’re targeting as an organization.

I hope everyone and their families are staying safe during Covid-19. I look forward to seeing some great responses, especially if there’s anything we can do as an organization to provide to help you get through this crazy year we’re having, whether it be tournaments, new games (and servers) supported, or really anything. Let us know in the survey!


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