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So, here we are again. Back to the ‘wonderful’ community of FiveM.

Being completely honest, I’m somewhat excited as there’s been a lot of changes to the FiveM from a development perspective, though I’m also dreading it as the community is still highly toxic, racist, and full of unreliable children. That being said, I have made some pretty significant changes to our terms of service, guidelines, and enforcement policies. They are greatly intensified from what you may remember, and a lot of things now offer permanent bans from our services.

As of right now, I’ve put the primary server online, and have made necessary updates to it. Given some pretty significant changes to FiveM since we’ve been offline, I am actually planning on doing an overhaul, and will also be getting back into some more active development for FiveM as well as RedM. The future of the RedM project is still very unclear though, at least for now.

The primary FiveM Combat server is protected by a whitelist just like before. On Discord, you can get yourself whitelisted the same way as before by going to #how-to-join and reading through the instructions. Even if you were whitelisted before, this is a brand new whitelist so everyone must complete this step. At the moment, we have no admins, like the three that within the past 2-3 weeks stated they wanted to return as admins if iSe ever restarted conveniently bailed on the project upon restart. Those three individuals are now blacklisted from any volunteer or paid positions in the future.

Once you’ve gotten yourself whitelisted, you and your friends may connect using the same information as before, which is for the IP.

Want to apply for a staff position? You can find that here on the website under the ‘Applications‘ page which is conveniently listed on every page of the website at the very top of the page.

I have restored most of the website pages and currently running through updating content. That should be done in the next few hours, at least I hope.

The estimated time for the overhauled server might be in the next day or two, which might be complete in a week. I’m not in any rush as the current server is still great just like you’ll remember. In the next week, I will be figuring out things like gang clothing, server booster benefits, Patron benefits, and other ways to help keep this project financially healthy.

More information to come probably Thursday, until then, enjoy the server and have some fun.


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