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Stubbers and I have been having meetings over the past two weeks regarding the fate of the Roleplay side of iSe.GG. I am announcing effective immediately that the development of the FiveM Roleplay server is suspended indefinitely. That server will go offline by August 30, 2020, permanently. We really wanted that to be a great success but let’s face some realities on this matter.

  • There are way too many Roleplay servers out there in FiveM currently.
  • Most (not all) roleplay servers are gang oriented which attracts very violent and toxic individuals.
  • There have been numerous individuals that hyped it up only to ghost us during development.
  • There have been even more individuals that distracted our development teams with non-essential tasks, only for them to disband their gang and or stop playing on the server during development, thus delaying development.

I am deeply disappointed by how this project turned out by the community, but I am relieved that we are finally wrapping it up and calling it done. Now our dev teams can work on other projects. This project will not be one we intend on restarting for any circumstances. This will not affect the Combat Server at all. Stubbers will remain in his iSe.GG Operations role assisting me with managing the remaining parts of iSe.GG whereas what’s left of the admin team have potential opportunities with the Combat side should they choose to take that route.

For the developers on both phases of the project, I appreciate the time and hard work you spent working on the project. It’s really a shame that time and hard work wasn’t appreciated by the community you were building that server for in the first place.


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