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Some of you had seen the poll about the Roleplay project. During a management and operations meeting, it was decided that the project would resume.

So what does that mean exactly?

Glad you asked. That means we’re going to be getting back to the roleplay server development. Clerk will be managing that side with the assistance of Ice while Clerk gets accustomed to iSe.GG Management.

What is the server going to be like? 

Easy. Exactly what the majority want. It will be directed based on the majority and Clerk will be determining the ultimate direction of the server. Preliminary data suggest somewhere along the lines of the 100k or die style, but we’re going to have new and exciting locations and activities that you haven’t seen in any other servers and that I can 100% guarantee.

When will this be released and who will have access to it?

Luckily for us, we spent quite a bit of time developing the roleplay server already, so we’re expecting it to be released on or around October 1, 2020. Alpha testers will have access as early as September 7, 2020, and beta testers will have access on or around September 23, 2020. Alpha testers will be strictly Patron users, experts in the style of server, and most staff. Beta testers will be Patrons/Server Boosters/Originals and also invite, which preference will be given to streamers (affiliates and partners with requirements).

What can we expect from this experience? 

  • Professional staff that is there to be non-bias and assist the community as a whole, not who they want to.
    • Admins are chosen based on their skills and conduct, instead of who’s a favorite of who or because they’re an admin for some other server.
  • Fair and balanced Patron program that will make it so the environment isn’t pay-to-win.
    • Also, prompt benefit delivery where you won’t be waiting longer than 72 hours, guaranteed. No more waiting around forever and or never receiving items you donated for.
  • Unmatched server performance is very similar to that of the Combat servers.

When can I apply for positions on the server?

Applications should be up by the end of the weekend.


More information to come once we start developing ideas. If you’d like to voice feedback, please drop us details via a support ticket on Discord!


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