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Greetings All,

Scheduled combat maintenance has been complete. Changelog below.

  • Adjusted process management control systems to give a performance boost on both Combat servers and the Tournament server.
  • Speaking of the Tournament server, that’s returning and a few of our staff are going to start running tournaments very, very soon.
  • Necessary updates have been completed on the box itself.
  • Discord queue management is back in. Now you have customized queue priority based on your rank in Discord, or if your a Server Booster, Patron or Staff. (Assuming it works, as its been in a dev for two weeks now)
  • Based on user feedback, we’re going to try and see if we can get away with raising the ping kicker to 300ms vs 250ms. We’ll try it, no guarantees.
  • Automatic server reboots are now every three hours vs six.
  • Modified the iSe Speedloader (iSe Software) to enable server reboots to be even quicker. Now takes about 30-45 seconds!
  • Adjusted a number of server logs to not only ensure accuracy during bans, but also assist with on-the-spot investigations.
  • Made some modifications to the anti-cheat given the most recent situation so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.
  • /calladmin now registers directly into the staff channel that shows us the server status messages hopefully improving our response time in-game.
  • Auto-kick in place for those that spam the /calladmin feature. Once is enough, more than three will result in user using the command kicked from the server.
  • Tweaks to the Discord Whitelist have been made to hopefully assist those having trouble with FiveM and Discord authentication. (WIP)
  • Altered the way bans work. Due to ban evasions, we now ban by Steam, FiveM license, Discord license, ip, and mac. Anyone caught bypassing bans will be permanently removed from Discord, thus making it that much harder to get past the whitelist.

Thank you all. At this time, I don’t have another planned maintenance to announce. Probably only going to have one planned maintenance session a month.


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