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This morning I was able to clear through the backlog of applications. If you weren’t contacted, you either weren’t accepted or your application was corrupt in the old system. There were only about ten applications that I couldn’t recover out of the over thirty applications that I cleared through. If you applied and didn’t hear from me, there are a few possible scenarios.

  • Your Discord username has changed since applying and I couldn’t track you down.
  • You are one of the ten applicants with corrupt applications that sadly were unrecoverable. As such, I wasn’t even able to pull who the applicants were on these.
  • You put zero effort into your application and it resulted in me instantly throwing it in the trashcan.

Now that I’ve completed the backlog and we’re all caught up on the applications, I have moved that entire system inhouse. Feel free to use the navigation link at the top of our website to reach the new application system.

Tips for those applying and or reapplying…

  • Actually read the questions in full. Think for a moment about the question. Then answer it.
  • I get it, not everyone is a spelling bee master, and I mean no disrespect or anything when I say this, but please run your responses through something like google docs if you aren’t the best at spelling. There were a couple of applications where it was so bad, I wasn’t even able to understand what you were responding with.
  • Being an admin or staff anywhere is a pretty serious opportunity and as such please treat the application seriously.

Thank you all for the applications. If you see one of our newly appointed admins, please say hello to them. I will continue working hard to try and resolve the feedback from many of you regarding lack of presence from the admin team, so don’t worry, management and I hear you… Sadly it just takes time to go through applications, interview, and get qualified individuals into those positions. We will get this resolved soon as I’m looking to bring on a total of 25 admins to split between Los Santos and Liberty City. Right now we have ten admins in total for the Combat side. I’m also on the lookout for a couple of Lead Admins and a Combat Manager (promoting from within) but we’re off to a wonderful start!


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