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Changelog from this morning.

  • Updated top advertisement information while also increasing efficiency. Apparently this was dropping a few frames.
  • Reduced the render distance of player ids to try and improve the balance/fairness of matches.
  • Fixed a few gaps reported in the Skybattle arena that was causing some glitches.
  • Resolved issue reported where a few chat roles were not displaying correctly in-game.
  • Further renamed the server name while also making it easier to identify “Standard / Premium WL” in the names.
  • Altered the way the server caches players in an attempt to further reduce desync, and improve loading times into the server.
    • Loading times still a work in progress, but its a little bit better.
  • Made performance tweaks with telemetry data which has raised the in-game fps by a bit.
  • Updated the anti-cheat to reflect a few new finds that we’ve been able to track through manual bans.
  • The queue has been disabled, then it was re-enabled tonight, then re-disabled once again due to more problems. We will continue to work on this. At this point, if the main server is full, we do have the Premium WL server online for Discord Server Boosters, Patrons, and Originals. This is checked automatically by the bot.
  • Removed a few objects from the Container Arena which improved FPS a bit. May end up removing the generator and propane tank as that seems to also be creating some performance issues. Please provide feedback on any other changes you’d like to see done with the container arena on Discord!
  • Modified the performance profile on the Premium WL to run a bit smoother than the main server. Both servers run great, though.
  • All floating text in-game has been updated to reflect up to date information and warnings.
  • The loading screen has been cleaned up a bit coding wise, and I plan on doing some more changes to this soon, including a new image and more detailed information.

Luckily almost all of these changes were done in real-time without requiring a server reboot while players were using the server. Any additional changes that haven’t been implemented will become live on the next server reboot which happens in about an hour.

As always, we hope you’re enjoying the servers, and be sure to drop us feedback so we can bring you more amazing features.


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