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2021 has been one wild and spontaneous year full of ups and downs for our community. 

I want to send out some shoutouts of appreciation.

Thank you to the seven hundred unique customers, the one thousand VIP members, and the seventy-four total gangs. Another shoutout to the staff that has helped keep this place running, including those working hard when we have severe staff shortages. You all have been instrumental in helping us achieve so many accomplishments. 

Releasing the first-ever fully de-rendered combat server certainly had its challenges. The development team has spent nearly four hundred hours maintaining the framework that supports it. Luckily our Version 2 framework will be a lot easier to maintain. 

February through August were the best months of this year. Sadly we still haven’t recovered from the events in August regarding the leakers stealing our streamable content through cache decryption. Fortunately, we have begun to recover from the Discord problems where scammers are trying to impersonate me or creating Discord servers claiming to be iSe.GG, when they aren’t. Discord could have been a tremendous help in the recovery of this, but sadly they don’t seem to care much about this issue. 

Due to the severe staff shortage limiting our capabilities in releasing new content, I authorized the development roadmap for automation. The staff turnaround rate has been insanely high in the Ultimate Combat section. With this, we will automate nearly eighty percent of staff functions.

Next year we have a lot of things planned and are currently in the works. 

  • Ultimate Combat V2 (FiveM)
  • Cops & Robbers (FiveM)
  • iSe.GG Online (FiveM) — Freeroam/Roleplay/Combat Combined
  • Ultimate Combat V1 (RedM)

Throughout this upcoming year, we will be setting up the framework for tournaments which will consist of both cash and points. Our league infrastructure and ranking are complete and awaiting the V2 release, and our 1v1 matchmaking is complete. 

We are also actively seeking opportunities to expand into other titles and possibly additional platforms. 

I look forward to next year being a bit smoother than this past year. Thank you all for the tremendous support and for assisting us in achieving great things!


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