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Discord Changes

  • Reduced activity roles. Now it is “New” at Level 5, “Member” at level 12, “Active” at level 20, “Known” at level 35, and “Legend” at level 50. Each of these will still carry priority in our servers, and more perks on the Discord.
  • Level up announcements have been disabled. You may still use !rank in commands though!
  • Pruned all inactive gang roles.
  • Cleaned up several other roles. Now at 84 total roles.
  • Several channels that weren’t being used are now removed.
  • Several tweaks to the ticket system.
  • Staff applications are now separate and significantly optimized.
  • Staff application process is now a single step!

Major Security & Enforcement Updates

  • Many violations of our Discord rules carry an automatic and immediate seven day mute.
  • Staff members now have the ability to time you out if you’re misbehaving.
  • Being timed out, or muted, or quarantined, may result in losing access to one or more of our game servers. Be mindful of our rules and follow them. #πŸ“œβ”ƒπ˜™π˜Άπ˜­π˜¦π˜΄
  • Due to repeated ban evasion we have re-enabled phone verification on the Discord server.

Violations of the Discord TOS now are mostly automatically reported to Discord. Translation: If you’re being racist, toxic, or anything like that, and the bot or an admin actions your account, you may be risking your Discord account entirely. Discord is no longer playing around with violations of their TOS. You will be reported and you may be suspended temporarily or permanently by Discord. Simply put: Follow the rules and respect everyone in the community, or face the consequences for your actions.


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