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Given the amount of detail, I’m going to dive right into it.

— Locations for all of our FiveM servers are now in Chicago, vs Dallas. Due to that pretty big denial of service attack, I was forced to make the hard decision to move us. I will continue to evaluate ping/latency for those in South America and see what I can do about adjusting the ping kicker based on that.

— Prototype combat server will be live tonight, as long as everything goes well during the tests this afternoon. At that time, there will be about thirty minutes of downtime.

— Roleplay development is now ramping up, and Sleezy will be giving access to the server to those who want to check it out.

— Discord will go through an overhaul on channel layout, as well as channel permissions, not only to support the roleplay server but also for the new donation programs offered.

— Patreon has completely been shut down, never to return. We are officially set up on Donorbox and everything is working smoothly with those that have donated thus far. We’ve already had six people drop donos!

— Staff applications will be reviewed these days, and interviews will be offered to those that are worthy of a position. If you haven’t applied, get your application in asap!

— Website overhaul will take place to accommodate not only the changes to the FiveM side but also to organize the information regarding our presence in VR.

— Plans for an independent Red Zone FiveM Combat server is in the works officially. If you’d like to provide input on what you’d see, and what you wouldn’t, from the other red zone servers out there, let us know! Development is going to begin on Friday!

Any questions feel free to reach out. Going to be a busy couple of days, but an exciting couple of days for sure!


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