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Community Guidelines

Please read, understand, and follow the rules below. It is critical that you follow these rules as we are a community for everyone and we want everyone to have a safe and pleasant time with us. We thank you for your understanding on this!

  1. Please be aware of channels and what they are used for; read channel descriptions, pinned messages, and do not post the same thing in multiple channels.
  2. Please refrain from using languages other than English.
  3. Discussion of politics or religion is strictly forbidden.
  4. We have a zero-tolerance policy on any NSFW content. This includes but is not limited to channels, usernames, voice chat, avatars, statuses, in-game chat, support tickets, private messages with staff, or users that are on our Discord and any other iSe assets and services.
  5. Be kind and respectful to each other; excessive profanity, hate speech, or any kind of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.
  6. Toxicity or aggressive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.
  7. Do not mention everyone, here, all roles, admins, staff, or management. This should be blocked in all channels, but just in case.
  8. Do not message members with the intent of spamming, harassing, advertising, or sending any unwanted messages. This includes random Discord server invites.
  9. Discussion of bans is strictly forbidden. If you wish to discuss this, utilize our ticket system or contact form as this must be handled by a member of the management team.
  10. Impersonating anyone including admins, staff, or bots is strictly prohibited.
  11. Advertising of any kind is prohibited in most areas on the server except for self-promotion channels.
  12. Abuse of the support ticket system will not be tolerated. Forms of abuse are clearly documented in the ❓support in Discord.
  13. Staff decisions are final and you must listen to staff at all times. Should you have a complaint or feel you were treated wrongly use our ticket system or contact page.

Please be aware that in addition to these guidelines, there may be additional guidelines depending on what game you play with our community, and you also agree to comply with portions of the following terms of service agreements as they pertain to communities: Discord, Twitch, and FiveM.

Global Enforcement (All of iSe.GG)

Game Enforcement


Hate Speech

Aggressive Behavior/Extreme Profanity


Abuse (Toward Staff/Users)

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

Kick or 1 – 7 Day Ban

RDM (1v1 Combat)

VDM (Roleplay)

Modding/Hacking/Exploiting (Admin)

Modding/Hacking/Exploiting (Anti-Cheat)

Mic Spam (Music, Hotmic, Other)

Warning ; Kick ; 1 Day Ban

Warning ; Kick ; 1 Day Ban

1 Month Ban

Permanent Ban

Kick or 1 – 7 Day Ban

Our admins are trained to evaluate each situation accordingly and thus the enforcement policy above provides the different options that our admins can utilize to properly and fairly enforce our Terms of Service. Please be advised, Management reserves the right to modify bans if there is just cause to do so as a result of a successful ban appeal after reviewing the details of the incident. Any and all unbans must have approval by a member of Management and in certain extreme cases, a unanimous vote must be reached to override a permanent ban. 

Please be advised of the following regarding both our Guidelines as well as our Enforcement policies. 

  • These are mostly guidelines and staff is encouraged to utilize their best judgment and discretion when handing out punishments for offenses. 
  • ‘Combat Logging’ aka leaving in an attempt to avoid punishment for breaking TOS may result in permanent removal from iSe.GG. 
  • Severe offenses and or repeat offenders may receive harsher penalties which can include permanent removal from iSe.GG. 
  • These are subject to change and major changes will be announced to the overall community.

Document last updated by Chris Lenga on February 12, 2021

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