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Getting Started Tutorial

Once this video is complete, it will show you everything you need to know about getting started on our Discord and then navigating it once you’re all set up.

Channel Descriptions

🔔welcome ~ Public Discord notifications (Server-wide)

📌information ~ Decent amount of information about our organization along with a helpful roadmap around it.

💥how-to-join ~ Easy to follow instructions for the server. (Video coming soon)

👉terms-of-service ~ The TOS that all users must follow around our organization. This is also located here: Terms of Service

👉user-access ~ Where you can sign up for more notifications, gain access to more areas on Discord, and become whitelisted to many of our servers.

📑donate ~ You can find out about perks for becoming a Server Booster (Discord) or Patron of our organization.

📢major-updates ~ Major announcements that affect the entire community or critical must know announcements for specific areas of the organization or community.

💡suggestions-feedback ~ Drop your suggestions and feedback here or if you don’t feel comfortable, you can also create a support ticket for this.

support ~ Speaking of support tickets, this is where you’ll create a support ticket should you need assistance. This channel has some important information in it.

📅events-n-voting ~ Where events will be posted for you to sign up for as well as important polls that affect the direction of the organization. This is also located here: Events

💬general-chat ~ Organization-wide chat. This should not be used for a specific game chat as there are areas for each game we support in their areas.

📣self-promotion ~ Drop your social media, stream, or video montage links here. Server Boosters, Patrons and Staff are automatically announced here when going live on Twitch.

📷screens-n-pics ~ Drop any screenshots or pics here. Want some ideas? Got a dope computer rig? Cute cat or dog? Hot car or motorcycle? Post all that here. Ensure you keep things you post here safe for everyone.

🎲discord-games ~ Text-based Discord games are located here and can cure some boredom. Check the sticky posts for details.

😂memes-n-gifs ~ I’m pretty sure we all know what this area is used for. Ensure you keep things you post here safe for everyone.

🎶requests ~ This channel is where the public music bot listens for song requests. At this time, the Patron music bot does not listen to this channel.

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