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Application Portal

Welcome to the official iSe.GG Application Portal!

Below you will find two sections of applications. Staff/Admin Opportunities and Sponsorship Opportunities. Please carefully read through all details for the individual section.

Staff/Admin Applications

Please ensure you read every question carefully and answer the question completely. Applicants that show effort will be answered regardless of approval or denial. Applications with little to no effort will be sent to the trash can.

Ensure that before applying, you review our Terms of Service and Enforcement Policy. Both are now located on our Terms of Service page for easy review.

You must read through our staff code of conduct prior to applying to become staff. We have many guidelines in place to protect you as well as us. You can view them here: Staff Code of Conduct

Application processing can take up to two weeks. We will respond via Discord so ensure your contact information is valid so we can contact you. Applications are reviewed and processed in the order of which they are received. 

Please allow time for your application to be looked at and processed. If it’s been at least a week since you applied you may use our Discord support ticket system to inquire.

Apply (Instructions)

Applying is super simple. On the right side of this page, you’re going to see a list of positions in the dropdowns. By clicking each position, it will take you to the page with a list of descriptions for said role. Once you’re ready to apply, use the application link within that section to apply!

Available Positions

VRChat Manager

VRChat Support

You may apply to any of these positions using the iSe.GG General Application!

Python Developer

You may apply to any of these positions using the iSe.GG General Application!

Graphics Design

Video Editing

You may apply to any of these positions using the iSe.GG General Application!

Sponsorship Applications

We are going to be opening up applications for sponsorship opportunities soon. Once rolled out, this will allow existing clans, teams, and groups to apply for sponsorship which will then grant various perks as long as certain criteria are met and maintained. Benefits may include exposure, game servers, certain fees covered (such as tournament fees), and many other benefits.


We expect to roll out our sponsorship program by December 1, 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

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