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Welcome to our application portal.

Please ensure you read every question carefully and answer the question completely. Applicants that show effort will be answered regardless of approval or denial. Applications with little to no effort will be sent to the trash can.

TOS / Enforcement

Ensure that before applying, you review our Terms of Service and Enforcement Policy. Both are now located on our Terms of Service page for easy review.

Code of Conduct

You must read through our staff code of conduct prior to applying to become staff. We have many guidelines in place to protect you as well as us. You can view them here: Staff Code of Conduct

Available Applications

Position Descriptions

Below are descriptions of various positions prior to applying if the said position is available. The availability of positions will be listed on the application itself with checkboxes.

The positions listed above are the only ones that can be actually applied for as all other positions such as iSe Staff and Management are strictly promoted from within typically.


Application processing can take up to two weeks. We will respond via Discord so ensure your contact information is valid so we can contact you. Applications are reviewed and processed in the order of which they are received. 


Please allow time for your application to be looked at and processed. If it’s been at least a week since you applied you may use our Discord support ticket system to inquire.

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