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Company Mission

Our company has two main focuses.

  • Develop high quality games and servers that push the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Provide a fun and safe community for all on the games and servers we develop.

We ask users to follow simple guidelines to protect themselves and the community from behavior that goes against our focus and mission.

Why you should join!

Gaming can be an amazing experience, but it can also be an unsafe and toxic place. The games and servers we develop, along with our community, are an exception to this trend. We operate under a common sense and reasonable terms of service, while enforcing it to the fullest.

Our management and development teams have decades of experience in the gaming industry. This enables us to deploy measures to prevent all of the things that make gaming unfavorable. We are constantly listening to our community and making improvements where we can.

How do I join?

We’ve made it so you can register on the website using your Discord login. If you aren’t on our Discord already, make sure you join our server! Discord Invite

Once you’ve joined our Discord, make sure to have a look around and explore. There’s a lot of amazing information that you won’t find on our website.

Need help navigating our Discord? We’ve made a YouTube video to assist you! Click here

Company Details

Official Launch: 02/18/20
Official Name: Interactive Social Experience, LLC, DBA iSe.GG
Original Founders: Chris Lenga & Josh Bryan
Company Owner: Chris Lenga aka ReapeR
Company Coordinator: Antioch
Active Members: 14,751

Community Perks

At our core, we are a completely free community to join and we ensure that we keep everything accessible to you without placing paywalls preventing you from great features. While we do have premium perks, most are merely extensions on top of what you already have.

  • Active community with tens of thousands of members from all over the globe
  • Long term mindset when it comes to strategy for the organization by management
  • Driven mostly by feedback from the community on major changes
  • Active and mature management and staff
  • Great performance across all of our game servers and assets
  • Options for you to self promote yourself if your a streamer or video creator
  • Advanced and thorough developers that actually get the job done
  • A positive atmosphere where you can invite your friends and make new friends

Games Supported


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