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We strive to be the ultimate gaming experience for you and your friends on various platforms and titles. From day one we’ve always maintained the idea that without the community, we simply wouldn’t exist, and therefore, we take your feedback very seriously. Our staff and development teams have decades of combined experience which ensures our success as an ultimate gaming community and we always look forward to the next project.

Why you should join!

iSe.GG is a community that is run by adults, and thus, you can expect that you aren’t going to deal with a lot of the problems that plague other organizations… Such as favoritism, unfair or bias decisions, or just plain silly and non-serious decisions. With decades of experience running communities, you can trust us when we say you’re going to have a great time here!

Whether you’re solo and here to make friends or come with your crew, we’ve got you covered. Our main focus is to strengthen connectivity and communication while providing you amazing features and great value.

How do I join?

We’ve made it so you can register on the website using your Discord login. Don’t worry, this is safe and is a common practice among many websites. If you aren’t on our Discord already, make sure you join our server. Discord Invite

Once you’ve joined our Discord, you’ll have access to about 25% of the server. See 📜get-roles for various roles you can add, or if you’re looking to access a game server that deploys an allowlist, see 👉server-access for access to those.

Community Rank Structure

Operations –> Managers –> Admins –> Moderators –> Trial Moderators

Operations: These are individuals that have varying responsibilities in ensuring the organization as a whole is running as smoothly as possible. Some of these individuals will oversee things like expansion, operations, financials, marketing, and policy implementation/enhancement.

Managers: These are individuals that oversee specific sections of the community. They are responsible for ensuring that the section is running as smoothly as possible. They report directly to operations, and admins report directly to them. It is their sole responsibility to ensure their section is a success, and if something isn’t working well, they alert Operations so it can be resolved.

Admins: These are individuals that assist managers in ensuring their section is a success. They will often oversee the moderators, and in certain extreme situations, assist with in-game conflicts. Admins have the ability to approve or decline ban appeals, and in some sections, interview and bring on new moderators. They may from time to time also run tournaments and in-game activities.

Moderators: These are individuals that are our absolute first line of defense. They have the ability to kick, ban, temp ban, and many other tools to prevent negative impacts to our community.

Trial Moderators: These are individuals that are just starting out on the staff team with our community. They will regularly work with Moderators and Lead Moderators to become comfortable with the functions, tools, and procedures of our community. It is estimated individuals spend an average of two weeks in this role before moving up to the role of Moderator, however, this is dependent on activity and performance.

Are you seeking an opportunity to join our amazing staff team? Check out our Apply page for info!


Official Launch: 02/18/20
Original Founders: Chris Lenga & Josh Bryan
Official Name: Interactive Social Experience (iSe)

Current Management: Chris Lenga & Joseph Horne (Stubbers)

Community Perks

At our core, we are a completely free community to join and we ensure that we keep everything accessible to you without placing annoying paywalls preventing you from great features. While we do have premium perks, most are merely extensions on top of what you already have.

  • Active community with hundreds online most times and thousands of members in total
  • Long term mindset when it comes to strategy for the organization by management
  • Driven mostly by feedback from the community on major changes
  • Active and mature management and staff
  • Great performance across all of our game servers and assets
  • Options for you to self promote yourself if your a streamer or video creator
  • Advanced and thorough developers that actually get the job done
  • A positive atmosphere where you can invite your friends and make new friends

You can view premium perks here.

Operations Team

Chris Lenga, aka Himself
Joseph Horne, aka Stubbers

Games Supported


Interactive Social Experience ~ Website Maintained by Chris Lenga

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